Meet Your Favorite Sunny 106.7 FM On-Air Personalities

Murphy, Sam & Jodi: Your Morning Companions

Start your mornings with a dose of entertainment, laughter, and heart from 6 am to 9 am, Monday to Friday, with Murphy, Sam, and Jodi. This dynamic trio brings a unique mix of humor, warmth, and real-life stories to your daily routine.

  • Murphy is the tech enthusiast and the voice of reason, balancing his love for new gadgets with his roles as a father and husband. His insights and anecdotes add a touch of wisdom to every show.

  • Jodi is the heartbeat of the show, sharing her experiences as a working mom with a knack for pop culture and a deep love for country roots. Jodi’s genuine charm and relatable stories make her an audience favorite.

  • Sam adds a layer of humor with his witty and sometimes sarcastic take on life. A proud New Orleanian and father of five, Sam’s perspective often brings a smile, showing that underneath the humor, there’s a lot of heart.


Chelsea: Bringing Music to Life

Tune into Sunny 106.7 FM every weekday from 2-6 pm and let Chelsea be your ultimate musical guide. Born in Las Vegas but a proud resident of the Magic Valley since she was 8, Chelsea’s journey is both heartwarming and inspiring. Shortly after high school graduation in 2002, she married her high school sweetheart and began attending the College of Southern Idaho, where she was involved in the theatre program. After earning her associate’s degree, she embarked on a career in radio, working on-air, running promotions, and doing some programming for about five years. However, Chelsea decided to devote more time to her family and left radio to focus on being a mom to her two rambunctious toddler boys.

When her boys started school, Chelsea found her passion for working with students who have special needs and became a Speech Language Pathologist. Despite it being more than a decade since she left radio, Chelsea is thrilled to be back on-air with Sunny 106.7. “I find absolute JOY in my work and will continue to help students who have communication disorders find their voices as a speech therapist in the school setting. And although it’s been more than a decade, I’m excited to find my own voice again on the new Sunny 106.7. I hope to add to the feel-good vibes of an already great station!” – Chelsea.


Join Chelsea, Murphy, Sam, and Jodi on Sunny 106.7 FM for a mix of music, laughter, and life stories. They’re not just hosts; they’re part of the Twin Falls family, bringing you the best of entertainment every day.


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