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Murphy Sam & Jodi: The Heart, Humor, and Harmony of Sunny 106.7 FM

Welcome to the world of “Murphy Sam & Jodi,” where mornings on Sunny 106.7 FM are filled with laughter, stories, and the kind of camaraderie that makes every day brighter. Get to know the trio that has become a staple in the Twin Falls morning routine.



Meet Murphy: The Tech-Savvy Music Lover Murphy, affectionately known as Mr. Safety, is the tech enthusiast of the group, always first to explore new gadgets. As a loving husband to Jodi and doting father to their two daughters, Taylor and Phoebe, Murphy brings a mix of warmth and wisdom to the airwaves. His love for music is palpable, and his knack for diplomacy often comes in handy. But don’t be fooled by his calm demeanor; Murphy’s passionate heart often leads the way, making him an intriguing paradox.





Sam: The King of Laughs Sam, born and raised in New Orleans, is the humor powerhouse of the group. Known for his clean, sarcastic humor, Sam tackles life’s ups and downs with a mix of cynicism and heart. A single dad to five wonderful kids, he’s a man of many layers (and a few divorces). Sam’s love for cooking, photography, and electronics, along with his cherished collection of Chucks, makes him a fascinating figure whose humor brightens everyone’s day.





Jodi: The Spirited Heart of the Show Jodi, our leading lady, is the show’s soul. Balancing life as a busy working mom, wife, and friend, Jodi’s relatable stories resonate with listeners across Twin Falls. Her roots as a country girl shine through her love for pop culture, animals, and bargain hunting. Jodi’s lively spirit and genuine warmth make her more than just a voice on the radio – she’s a friend to wake up to every morning.





Together, They’re Unstoppable Murphy and Sam have been a dynamic duo since 1992, with Jodi joining the team in 1997. Together, they bring a unique blend of entertainment to Sunny 106.7 FM. Whether it’s Murphy’s musical obsession, Jodi’s infectious energy, or Sam’s witty banter, there’s never a dull moment with this trio. Tune in every weekday morning from 6 am to 9 am for a dose of fun, insights, and the best company you could ask for on your drive to work.

Join us at Sunny 106.7 FM and start your day with “Murphy Sam & Jodi” – where every morning is a good morning!

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