Cody Jinks

today June 22, 2024my_locationHwy 30 Music Fest


Cody Jinks Lights Up Hwy30 Music Fest 2024 – A True Country Music Experience

Cody Jinks is set to headline Day 4 of the Hwy30 Music Fest on June 22, 2024, at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds, bringing his unique brand of outlaw country music to a passionate crowd. Since its inception in 2009, Gordy’s Hwy 30 Music Festival has evolved into a major event, celebrating music and community in Filer, Idaho. The festival, which began as a fundraiser, continues to support local organizations and community members in need, embodying the spirit of giving through the power of music.

Cody Jinks, a Texas native, has become an icon in the independent country music scene, known for giving voice to those on the fringes of society. His journey from a heavy metal band frontman to a country music sensation is a story of transformation and authenticity. Jinks’ 2016 breakout album, ‘I’m Not the Devil’, skyrocketed to No. 4 on the Billboard Country Albums chart, setting the stage for a series of successful albums that resonated deeply with fans.

Jinks’ music career is a testament to his dedication to his roots and his ability to connect with his audience through honest, empathic storytelling. His shift from playing in nearly-empty bars to commanding large, dedicated followings showcases his impact on the country music genre. Known for his uncompromising style, Jinks brings a raw, real, and relatable quality to his music, endearing him to fans across the globe.

At Hwy30 Music Fest 2024, attendees will experience the depth and power of Jinks’ music, from his early days in Fort Worth, Texas, to his rise as a country music powerhouse. His performances are more than just concerts; they are intimate gatherings where stories are shared, emotions are stirred, and a sense of belonging is fostered.

Cody Jinks represents the essence of outlaw country music, with a career that spans over a decade, marked by a relentless pursuit of musical truth and connection with his audience. His albums, including ‘Lifers’, ‘After the Fire’, and ‘The Wanting’, showcase his evolution as an artist and his commitment to his craft. Fans can look forward to an unforgettable night with Jinks, as he brings his soul-stirring music to the stage, reaffirming his status as one of country music’s most genuine and influential voices.

Join us on June 22, 2024, at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds for a day with Cody Jinks at the Hwy30 Music Fest. It promises to be a celebration of country music’s rich heritage, a homage to the artists who have shaped the genre, and a unique opportunity to experience one of country music’s most authentic and compelling artists live in concert.

Begin June 22, 2024
Location Hwy 30 Music Fest